do some flips or something

I have an intrinsic fear of heights, which I believe every human has because, you know, gravity. But I also understand that some people actually have a FEAR of heights, which I don't have. You guys know the difference between fear and FEAR, right? Okay.

If you have a FEAR, then you might not want to watch this:

Someday, when I get famous on Myspace (or whatever), and I have gobs of disposable income, I am going to do stuff like this every weekend. Audrey would love that.

"Hey Bob, how was your weekend?"

"Pretty solid, man."

"Cool, do anything fun?"

"Oh you know, a few beers with my buddies on Friday, a little SNL with the lady friend on Saturday, and... OH! And I finally beat Call of Duty XVII yesterday afternoon! I'm tellin' ya, those terrorists are hard to kill... What'd you get into?"

"Not too much, I just traveled to Scandinavia where I skied off a cliff and parachuted to safety, but not before FLYING THROUGH THE AIR LIKE A BIRD at terminal velocity in my wingsuit."

"So, the usual? Right on."


max. said...

"do some flips (or something)"


i totally have that jacket that the red dude is wearing except mine is black. that means i'm cool* right?


David said...


Will Rucker said...

Holy crap!

What happens to the skis?

Gregg said...

next best quote.

"now its getting boring so we play around"

i'm gonna be in nashville soon. got a little floor space?

benjamin said...

i will have floor space in two days when i move into my new place - give me a call when you get in town.


B said...