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HIGHLY recommended, y'all:


David said...

this is a great movie! we watched it at school this year. the female supporting actress is a friend of one of our teachers, and she came and ran a drama seminar with the students.

benjamin said...

wow! you got to meet her? the woman that played tarek's girlfriend from senegal? very cool.

i'm glad you have seen this -- it made me think of you as i was watching it, and paul and james, too. i couldn't help but think that you guys would really like it. best movie i've seen in a long while.

David said...

yup that's her - she's cool - didn't spend lots of time with her though.

yeah, it's good in a strange sort of way - it's not an upbeat story, but it feels very real and uplifting in a kind of backhanded way.

stan said...

this is a great movie. i'm glad you reminded me of it.