the snuggie just got a lot more stupid

"Hi, my name is Tilly, and I am the ugliest 'dog' ever. I'm actually a fluffy rat, but don't tell animal control, LOL! Also, my owner obviously lacks full mental capacity because they think that dogs need to wear blankets around! We get so cold in just our fur coat! Silly humans."

America will buy these up like hot cakes, and it will further ingrain my belief that the Apocalypse is quickly approaching.


Audrey said...

brilliant. nuf said.

grantly said...

the apocalypse is indeed coming, and there's nothing we can do about it. If you can't beat 'em, why not join 'em? I'll send you pics of Uzi wearing one asap.


benjamin said...

if those pics do in fact exist, i definitely want to see them. do you read a storm of swords while sitting next to uzi in his snuggie. if not, you should.

max. said...

i like how they made it look like winter by changing the white balance on the camera from daylight to tungsten to make everything look blue. i hate it in december when everything turns blue like that.

will, are you paying attention? i hope film school teaches you how to make snuggy commercials using camera tricks.

aand that's some damn resilient landscaping and grass she has. (plant snuggies!?)

"they love the warmth while they take a nap" AKA "they pass out from heat stroke on the floor"

"so warm and comfy they'll never want to take it off" AKA "they can't because they passed out from heat stroke already"

i like the dog in the purse, too. "sell your rats on the snuggy dog black market!"

B said...


Anonymous said...

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