Backpack Rap Collection

From Urban Dictionary: "Bsically, a backpacker is a cat that spends most of his/her time traveling through public transit. Theyre a huge fan of music but mostly on a lyrically tip because they have a greater grasp and focus on lyrics that kills time while their traveling on the bus, subway, etc. They dont have the money to be rolling in luxury cars, etc. So when you come across a backpacker, theyre usually more of a lyrical cat because all they have is a walkman and a grip of CD's in their backpacks. With a walkman, youre usually more focused on words rathers than beats and hooks. Thats why most backpackers are considered more into the underground hiphop scene where artist's are more about lyrics. You usually find backpackers in inner cities because public transit is cheap, and to get from point A to point B isnt that far of a route."

Sure, okay. Here's a bunch of that kind of music.....

Part One (Download Here)

1. Be / Common
2. Let's Ride / Q-Tip
3. High Fidelity / Jurassic 5
4. Blazing Arrow / Blackalicious
5. Chain Smoker / Chance the Rapper
6. Verses From the Abstract / A Tribe Called Quest
7. Eye Know / De La Soul
8. Made in America (SD50 B-Boy Mix) / Del Tha Funky Homosapien
9. Jungle / KA
10. Are you... Can you... Were you? (Felt) / Shabazz Palaces
11. Sing About Me, I'm Dying of Thirst / Kendrick Lamar
12. I Used To Love H.E.R. / Common
13. You Got Me (Feat. Erykah Badu) / The Roots
14. Final Hour / Lauryn Hill
15. Two Can Win / J Dilla
16. Chum / Earl Sweatshirt
17. Memory Lane (Sittin' In Da Park) / Nas
18. Mighty Deadly (Siik Forces of Nature Remix) / Ghostface Killah
19. B.I.B.L.E. (Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth) / Genius/GZA
20. Tidal Tendencies / Hawk House

Part Two (Download Here)

1. Thoughts & Wishes (DJ Jedi Edit) / Hamilton Bohannon
2. For Corners / Digable Planets
3. Astronomy (8th Light) / Black Star
4. Love Language / Reflection Eternal (Talib Kweli & DJ Hi-Tek)
5. His Pain II (Feat. Kendrick Lamar) / BJ the Chicago Kid
6. Glory (Feat. Blue Ivy Carter) / Jay Z
7. Make My (Feat. Big K.R.I.T. & Dice Raw) / The Roots
8. Eternal Sunshine / Jay Electronica
9. Jesus Walks / Kanye West
10. C.R.E.A.M. / Wu-Tang Clan
11. Give Up The Goods (Just Step) (Feat. Big Noyd) / Mobb Deep
12. Incarcerated Scarfaces / Raekwon
13. Daylight / Aesop Rock
14. ALL CAPS / Madvillian
15. Waves / Joey Bada$$
16. 3030 / Deltron 3030
17. Electric Relaxation / A Tribe Called Quest
18. The Revolution Will Not Be Televised / Gil Scott-Heron
19. The 6th Sense / Common


Le quatorze juillet: bleu/blanc/rouge (a mix)

I put this mix together a couple of years ago to celebrate Bastille Day (Le quatorze juillet). I figured I'd pull it back out again to celebrate once again. Vive la France!

Download full playlist here.

1. L'idole des jaunes / Stella (with intro by Steve Martin)
2. Comment te dire adieu / Francoise Hardy
3. Elle avait tout / Les Safari
4. Ça plane pour moi / Plastic Bertrand
5. L'anamour / Serge Gainsbourg
6. Ces bottes sont faites pour marcher / Eileen
7. Je danse donc je suis / Brigitte Bardot
8. Fou / Jacques Da Sylva
9. 7 heure du matin / Jaequeline Taieb
10. De temps en tempos / Bernard Estardy
11. Mademoiselle Marie / Coeur Magique
12. Cette chanson est pour vous / Django Reinhardt
13. Le vie en rose / Edith Piaf
14. Ces gens-la / Jacques Brel
15. Si tu n'etais pas la / Fréhel
16. Le soleil et la lune / Charles Trenet
17. Rue St. Vincent / Yves Montand
18. Comptine d'un autre ete: l'apres midi / Yann Tiersen
19. Né dans un ice-cream / Michel Polnareff
20. Les temps ont changés / Pussycat
21. Hellow Josephine / Les Witackers
22. Maintenant un voyou / Bruno Leys
23. Mais oubie pas / Les Pollux
24. L'espace d'une fille / Jacques Dutronc
25. La la la / Sylvie Vartan
26. La solitude / Catherine Ribeiro + 2Bis
27. Amsterdam: live at the Olympia 1964 / Jacques Brel (with outro by Steve Martin)


called by name

a broken bottle buried under
a mound of mud
out by hands hardened, worked, full of calluses
and lacerations
from all the excavations
creating new creations
filling every nation
with branded bell jars of beautiful breathing bodies
fresh faces
polished and pure
washed of all dirt
no longer a broken bottle
but a song
in perfect pitch
knowing that
there's a crack in everything - that's how the light gets in

but we watch our watches and wait for the inspiration to create
something worthy of time
either yours or mine
but nothing seems to rhyme
or flow as easily as it would if we weren't so severely damaged
flawed lazy selfish dumb
hungry for what never comes
because we fill ourselves with what won't sustain
from temporary treasure we don't
our best and worst
both look the same
through our eyes all we see is
transfixed upon the mound of mud
we still expect hides all the shame
of our brokenness and blame
while we make our mends
with the devil we all tote within
and do our work
to create something worthy of this life we've been given
art that motivates
music that resonates
words that procreate
but the one we should be doing
all of this for
forget your perfect offering

(Inspired by Leonard Cohen's "Anthem" from his 1992 album The Future)



audrey and i spent part of our evening writing haikus. we would give each other a "topic" and spend the next couple of minutes composing a haiku. here were the results:

slippery water 
blue time freezer moves slowly 
glacial paced glaciers 

i plug in the light 
no electricity flows 
love despite the shame 

les mis
one life turned around 
does the same to all others 
a ripple effect 

all is lost, all found 
you forgot the candlesticks 
silver salvation 

scruffy ball of joy 
you bring more to the table 
than most humans do 

unopened flower
wake up little one 
your time, it has almost come 
reveal your beauty 

a lightbulb that just came on
edison forgot 
to tell us about the hum 
fresh new current's spark 

garbage floating in the river
i don't belong here 
used useless good-for-nothing 
yet have many friends 

st. croix
unturned dirt grows hard 
chickens look for worms within 
finally! tilled earth! 

roaring, splatter, mist 
steading dropping, constant reach 
powerfully graceful


Lawd, Have Mercy! a funky blue soul mix

I've had this one on repeat for quite a while, so I thought I'd share. Download it here. Enjoy!

1. I'm Your Puppet / James & Bobby Purify
2. Girls Can't Do What The Guys Do / Betty Wright
3. Choo Choo Ch'Boogie / Louis Jordan
4. Te-Ni-Nee-Ni-Nu / Slim Harpo
5. Ya Ya / Lee Dorsey
6. Nobody But You / Dee Clark
7. Queen of Hearts / Smiley Lewis
8. Bacon Fat / Big Daddy & His Boys
9. God's LSD / Professor Harold Boggs & The Boggs Specials
10. So Glad I'm Here / Bessie Jones
11. Corinna / Taj Mahal
12. Oh, Pretty Woman / Albert King
13. Mystery Train / Little Junior Parker
14. Fever / Little Willie John
15. Movie It Over, Baby / Gene and Eunice
16. Work That Skirt / The Bo-Keys ft. Harvey Scales
17. Crabcakes / Gunga Din
18. Black Out / Wess & The Airdales
19. I Am What I Am / Marva Whitney & Osaka Monaurail
20. Look At The Stars / The Bobbettes
21. Stop! / Lonette
22. I Can't Lose / Mitty Collier
23. I Dig Girls / J.J. Jackson
24. Gum Drop / Otis Williams
25. The Hoochi Coochi Coo / Hank Ballard
26. She Made My Blood Run Cold / Ike Turner
27. Hey Joe / Wess & The Airdales
28. I Got Soul / Tony Owens
29. Don't Be Angry / Nappy Brown
30. Treat Me Right / Eddie Finley & The Cincinatti Show Band
31. See You Later, Alligator / Bobby Charles

(Download Full Mix Here)