sustainable connections run strong and deep

During one of my final weeks at Creque Dam Farm in St. Croix, we had lots of visitors come through for the Bush Skills Rendezvous. One very nice man from Pennsylvania, Kenny Point, stayed the longest. He was very interested and inspired by the R2R program and all the wonderful people on those beautiful 200 acres, and he wrote about it here:

Ridge to Reef for a Sustainable Education

He took the above picture right after Patrick and my presentation on renewable energy (notice the lit bulb in my hand). This makes me miss the island so much....

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dez p said...

I hear you. Kenny was such an inspirational character and I am glad I met him (as well as the many wonderful people the farm facilitated meeting).

My mom keeps in touch with him and I hear that he is going down to the farm for the permaculture certification course this month. How I wish I were going.

I would love to hear how your garden grows as well. Life post VISFI?