divine treehouse

How amazing is the guy who built this? (See lots of pics here)

Horace Burgess, of Crossville, Tenn, built this 97-foot tall, 8,000-10,000 square foot treehouse/church. Inspired by a four-second vision from God, Burgess has dumped 14 years and about $12,000 into the project. And it looks like it was worth it to me.

Who wants to go visit?

Read the story here.


max. said...

oh man that is awesome. i bet the heating bill is outrageous though.

micah daniel said...

wow. i just read the usa today article and i am now even more intrigued. i think this man is my hero. i've got to go there!

Lori said...

So cool! Drew and I really want to build our own treehouse to live in one day :)
And from what I'm seeing on your blog, it looks like you could teach us a thing or two about sustainability and green building--which we are super interested in!