In today's modern world, with our suspension bridges and our amphibious tour buses, rivers still create a great barrier to automobile transportation. I remember how I used to think it was crazy that it took 15-20 minutes to drive to Cherokee Park in Knoxville when I lived practically within sight of it at the Monastery.

During today's boredom, I starting playing with maps. I searched for locations directly across rivers from each other, and I found these anomalies (slowly zoom out to get full effect):

32.7 miles / 1 hour, 4 minute drive-time

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182 miles / 5 hours, 58 minutes drive-time

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And although this doesn't have much to do with rivers, it is nuts: The capital and largest city in all of Greenland (almost 1/3 of the population lives there). Can you imagine?

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I hope someone finds any of this at least a little bit interesting!


Will Rucker said...

Yea, that's interesting. The 2nd one is ridiculous! 6 hours! Let's say you live at Location B...It's one thing if your friend at location A calls you up to go canoeing.... because you could pretty easily canoe to his house. But it's another thing if your friend at location A calls you up to bring your truck over to help him move some stuff...I would be so pissed.

max. said...

nice. you should have mapquested nyc to london. i mean, seriously, why don't they just build a bridge.