i must have done something right

I'm engaged to be married to this girl:

Audrey and I were engaged on August 9, 2009 on top of Mount Roberts in Juneau, Alaska. There was a perfect little spot next to Father Brown's Cross (Whitey's Cross), just a half-mile up the trail from the tram station.

Crêpe, there it is.


Whitey said...

:) GAH, so many inside jokes in one short post. I love it, thanks, baby. :) And you didn't do something right....you did EVERYTHING right!! :) huhu

Gregg said...

you might be asking yourself "huh, doesn't gregg feel a little funny leaving a congratulatory response to a blog when ben's bride-to-be is the only other person to do so?" well my friend, as they say, the proof is in the pudding.

benjamin said...

gregg, i am writing on here to say thank you for not feeling so funny that you didn't leave a response at all, but also to create a pudding sandwich. yes, you are the pudding.

ps. i'm sure the big surprise tour show was lots of fun. i'm sorry we missed it, and you.