i came here to learn

Here is a video, documentary style, about the sustainable energy project that Patrick and I completed during the Ridge to Reef program. Fellow reefer, Dez, took on the task of documenting everyone's work for her final project. With little time and resources, she did an amazing job producing videos that show what we accomplished, and interviews that divulge the real reasons why we had all come to the farm. As far as Patrick and I were concerned, we came to learn.


max. said...

why did you put up a picture of you with Wes Clanton?

max. said...

pff. way to go will. will typed that comment. but i was with him at the time and agree with him.

benjamin said...

haha! he does look like wes, doesn't he? i remember thinking that the first few days on the farm, but then i got used to it and don't notice it anymore.