On the farm

Today, I was in the Gaia field picking mature Pride of Venice bean pods and pulling out the seeds. Then, a girl named Tara and I replanted some of the seeds we had picked. While we were planting them, she had to leave to harvest some fresh greens.

Thirty minutes later, I was eating those greens in an amazing salad with fresh mango vinegar salad dressing. Then I walked out near the Mandala garden in the center of the property and pulled off a small twig from a Neem tree and brushed my teeth with the bark (you can actually make toothpaste if you grind the bark into powder).

I also learned how to make fire only using wood, string, and a little tender (coconut) - Castaway style.

And so much more - that will come when I have time to write it all down.


max. said...

hey. it's 14 here and 74 there. just fyi.

oh and it's 40 in anchorage.

Mom said...

It sounds like you are enjoying macrobiotic eating at its best! I am jealous!

Will Rucker said...

uggghhhhhhhh...i am so jealous. unreal. i read this and immediately went into michael's room and was like...dude, michael you have to read this.

Amandawn said...

dear ben, i said it this morning and i'll say it again...i think you may have landed in heaven.

Amandawn said...

gah. amazing.

Big B said...

well i ate a bowl of honey nut cheerios a little earlier and then walked out in the snow... where i built a hut and made a fire out of two twigs.

not jealous of you ;)