for dem mongoose

I really want to be able to eat eggs for breakfast. One problem, though - we have mongooses (mongeese?) The locals say "mongoose-dem" for the plural.

So, these mongoose-dem keep heisting our eggs from the chicken tractors and I can't have an omelet. To remedy the situation, Marshall, Ryan and I constructed a trap. We used bamboo, two rocks, and some wiring we found in the tool container.

It took a couple of hours to build the trap, and then after dinner we spent a while trying to come up with the perfect trigger mechanism. Nothing seemed to be working quite the way we wanted, even with the help of several of the other farmers.

We finally decided to stick to our instinct and use the first idea we had. We hold the door open with a stick. There is a string tied from the stick to the back of the cage. The bait (two goat livers and two dove hearts) is skewered to a sharpened stick that is attached to the back end of the string. When Mr. Mongoose eats our little snack, the stick pulls out from under the door and shuts him inside. We camouflaged the trap near the chicken tractor and hoped for the best.

It has been a day and we have zero mongoose-dem. Sorry chickens...

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