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It's been 2009 for a week now.

Isn't the separation of years funny sometimes? Why January through December? All it really is is the change of a date. The eight changed to a nine. That's it. But it means more, doesn't it?

I imagine people wanting to lose weight in November but waiting for January to formally announce their goal. I imagine slates getting wiped clean and records being thrown out. Records of wrongs, I hope.

Obviously, with all the observation spent on the phenomena of a new year, people will notice change. And like any other 12 month period, a lot has changed for me. One year ago, I was in school, desperately trying to finish everything so I could graduate. I was anxious about trying to figure out what would come after that. I took baths. And I was already completely over the whole election thing.

Now, I am a college graduate, I have moved away from Knoxville for the first time in 5 years. I am leaving for St. Croix in four days, and now I take showers. Oh, and the election is FINALLY over - (you'd think I am an old man from the amount of cynicism I have already built up toward politics and its media coverage).

But on top of all these logistical life changes, I can't help but want to acknowledge a change within me as well. I hope that I have become a better friend, son, and brother. As melodramatic as it sounds, I am serious - I absolutely love my friends and family.

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max. said...

ben. i love you man. it's gay to put it on a blog post, but whatever. i'm glad to see these changes happening in you and i'm glad to be a part of it to some extent. i'm praying for you and your time in st croix and all that it brings. can we spoon before you leave?

i'm going to miss you.