tv's are full of me

the television bubbles in and out
casting its grey glow around the shadows dancing over me.
I feel their rythmn tugging inward;
as bleached reality gives way to kaleidoscopic fantasy.
galloping closer, I take in air,
(indian-style anticipation)
an owl watches from somewhere overhead
and cranes its neck at my awkward duration.
if you could crawl inside the tv set you would see
a bed, a lamp, and a potted tree;
a table, some chairs, and a kitchen sink -
it all appears in an eyelid's blink.
I only had to leave to go see the HMS Pinafore
in a cushioned seat that would never compare
to the indention in carpet
that formed, through fascination, my favorite chair.
every night I left my mind; I said goodbye to dreams
and entered the daylight of ocarina melodies.

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