bodies break too easily

no one sings like nat king cole anymore.
when was the last time you pressed your fingers in your eye sockets until there were purple shapes flying at you, and you felt like you were traveling through space like the future travels through the present?
i sure could use a drink out of one of those big water fountains with the foot pedal.
i want my brother to search for a wash cloth that i hid in a drain pipe until dinner.
no one has thrown a crab-apple in my swimming pool recently.
this winter, i am going to fall asleep under the christmas tree with my dog and pretend she understands english.

don't break my bones looking for me inside
don't crack my skull and rip away my hide
there's nothing behind my ribs but a bloody pumping fist
when you finally give up on me you'll wonder what you missed

i see that sweat beeding handsomely
it usually makes its way around your nose
and then you smear it all in with a flash of palm
melting flesh that drips onto your toes

come on in, just follow that sound

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