my friends just left me for their boyfriends

la dum dum
la doo dum
humming down a window pane in broken strides
tears collide in cold motion, shum da dum dum
they came from eyes sinking in their mistakes
chilling in a flurry
dee da da
frailty of a floating china plate, duh duh doo da
frigid trough to bitter crest
cracking in the stinging breeze rythmn
salty residue streaks the glass, doo da
la dum dum
feeling all too dissonant
weightless, crisp air, ahh la
pounding the little streams
sqeezing fresh laments
caught by a colored leaf
sodden in the icy soil
balancing light in a fractured maze, hmmmm
da dum, the morning pool will soon overflow with you
just imagine
it isn't sad, its lovely

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