though they were sad, they rescued everyone. they lifted up the sun.

we live in a grand setting. yes, i said grand. it is a good adjective. and we are alive (for at least a while) in this grand place. we dont have to worry about not existing, and we dont have to worry about the sun burning out for quite a while.

...ok, i realize that this beautiful (grand) world is full of dark corners and covered in murky waters, but isnt that what the beauty is here for? yes?

men are dying in a war right now. children are dying of aids right now. some guy is saving money right now so that he can buy a bigger tv and some new blue jeans.

...those waters are murky...

....but there is also a beautiful sunset in Iraq right now. there are best friends playing soccer in africa right now. there is a guy saving money to support his loving wife and kids right now.

what are we worried about? dying? maybe. or maybe we are worried about living. i think we should be worried about the ugly effecting the beauty more than the beauty effects the ugly.

so we have a sunset and a war, which one wins? unfortunately the war seems to be winning. we have aids and we have best friends playing soccer. sadly, aids has the upper hand. and we have blue jeans vs love. i would like to think love is gaining some ground despite the commercials ive seen recently.

this is what im worried about: not fulfilling my obligation to pierce the dark corners and tred the murky waters. i feel it is my (our) duty to turn our heads away from the bloody ground and toward the purple sky. it is our duty to go to africa and play soccer. it is our duty to support a family instead of banana republic.

more, my friends...... more.

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