ode to a vacant cushion

with nectar in a can
and a staff in my hand
i rescued a man
from untimely demise

not death from a knife
nor a high maintenance wife
but no more miller highlife
to drink downstairs with the guys

the doc said, "you know,
you've already eaten a hole
in your liver and soul
no more beer would be wise"

so he vowed not drink
he just thought of the link
written in him with ink
between the bottles and lies

with his health on the mend
he had lost all his friends
cause they all got the bends
bubbles of cumbersome size

but when i showed him the path
with my nectar and staff
he just let out a laugh
with pure joy in his eyes

he drank juice with the bees
as the staff eased his knees
and he grabbed all the leaves
as if a shiny gold prize

what he found was the air
he'd never noticed it there
when he was drinking downstairs
with the safe 'n sound guys

so his wife and his children
got off the couch in the den
and walked out bearing grins
then they looked toward the skies

outside it was sunny
and their father was running
and his clothes smelt of honey
they couldnt believe their eyes

they looked at each other
and then at their mother
they all hugged one another
for they had regained their lives

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