take this bread

When Audrey and I decided to marry, we also decided that we wanted to share our marriage. Obviously, there are certain aspects of marriage that can't and shouldn't be shared. What I mean is: We wanted our marriage to be an extension of the same love that God has already extended us. We want everyone to know that we are going be okay if we know that they are okay. If we have something that you need, we hope to be able to offer it to you. You know, socialism, etc, etc.

Seriously, though, this little film was our gift to anyone who attended our wedding, but through the powers of Youtube, we can extend that offer to everyone on the face of the earth who has access to the Internet. Our goal through this was to remind everyone that we love them and that our marriage is going to be something stronger than either one of us could ever be individually. Thank God.

A huge huge thanks to my little brother for putting so much time and effort into helping me make it. I thought it up, but he executed all of it. Nicely done, Will.




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benjamin said...

thank you! why are you anonymous, anonymous?

h. ryann. said...

Absolutely perfect.
Thank you guys so much.

-Not Anonymous

Gregg said...

I like when Audrey candidly puts her hand on Ben's butt in the wild bamboo forest. Part Deux. 2:38. HahaHA! Congratulations y'all.