jill and sam

I figure this works well enough to be my first post in a long time, and my last as a single, unmarried, free, pale, skinny man. All of these things are about to change in two days. I am going to be so tan! Yes!

Jill and Sam, formerly the everybodyfields, sang this cover of Lucinda Williams' "Something Happens When We Talk" recently, marking the first time I've heard them sing together since the break-up of their band last year. They both have new solo(ish) projects, which are great. Really, great actually. But these two voices together are like bread and butter. Coffee and chocolate. Man and Dog. Sole and trail. I can't think of a better melding of two voices than Sam Quinn and Jill Andrews. I just love it.

May 2010 from Jill Andrews on Vimeo.

Sam will be playing at The Basement tonight. My "bachelor party" will be taking place around this show, so please come down and celebrate the end of freedom with me.

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way said...

The end of freedom, eh?


...doesn't sound that way to me, Mister Yosemetian Audrey-Lover.