God dwells in the dirtiest places

Vice Magazine's video piece on the devastating aftermath of a series of civil wars in one of the poorest countries on earth, Liberia.

Warning: graphic content (in every form of the phrase)


way said...

OH MAN. I teared up several times during that. There were many things that happened in the video that made me cringe and drop my jaw, thinking, "I can't even believe it."

This stuff is all too surreal to me, being American, surfing the internet in a cozy home with a well-fed dog and warm friends surrounding me. There was just too much going on that made my eyes tear up. It all just really opened my heart, seeing God dwell within proximity of so much beastly chaos going on.

There's the chaos that most certainly makes me cringe with how hopeless it seems - the female genitals African men carry in their wallets, the little kid "nupping" and getting extremely high on cocaine and talking about how he raped a fat woman and took her money, all of the poop and pee on the beach and on their food,

Then there is God's intervention - a man known as Butt Naked (who maybe killed and raped relatives of the people in this church) is the very one leading them in worship.

How can these people completely forgive Butt Naked for what he has done? How can they heal from their coldness toward him? How can they ignore the past and praise God on a hot, sweaty day in a village directly next to rapists, druggies, and cannibalism?

The answer: because God is alive and taking back what is His.

benjamin said...

i'm really glad you watched the whole thing. i posted it thinking no one would ever take the time to watch the whole hour.

but i just had to post it because it was one of the most eye-opening videos i've seen in a long time. God just got a lot bigger.