colonel hans landa

In one of the best acting performances in my memory, Austrian actor Christoph Waltz plays the "unplayable" part of Colonel Hans Landa in Quentin Taratino's Inglourious Basterds. Here is Waltz at the round table with Charlie Rose:


way said...

Well I finally got around to watching this. It's interesting what Waltz says about the important difference between "vocation" and "career". A vocation is what you do if you're lucky, because you feel that call but that does not necessarily mean that you get to fulfill that. He feels that Tarantino gave him a chance to live that call. That's a huge pat on Quentin's back.

It's also interesting to me how gracious Waltz is that Tarantino gave him his vocation and how gracious Tarantino is that Waltz gave him his movie.

Landa most definitely made the movie what it is. But so did Raine, Shoshanna, Little Man, and every other character. It fascinates me how well these characters are written.

Ethan said...

i agree with way. great interview of a really prolific actor.