oldies 96.3

I am currently cleaning more of my computer's hard drive, and came across a couple of old recordings - and I decided that I might start periodically putting up some of my recordings on here. They are mostly covers, and my vocals are mostly terrible, so I might not, we'll see. Here are two instrumentals, though.

The first is an original - a simple C chord progression that I used to try some different sound experiments out on.

Floating Embers

And the second is a Badly Drawn Boy cover...

I Love NYE

Again, I recommend headphones, especially for Floating Embers.

Also, I hope you mostly like the new site design. I needed to change things up a bit.


max. said...

listening to these at work. amazing.

Ethan said...

can you email these to me since i love them?

ck said...

like the new design!

jamesthesealion said...

like the new do, ben. btw, you and audrey (and whoever) are free to come over before emanate (assuming you read this by then)