breakfast at sulimay's

This is such a great idea - get three elderly people, put them together with three pairs of headphones, play them the newest titles in rap and independent music and record their responses. Such is the internet video series Breakfast at Sulimay's.

Their responses to this kind of music (often music that I enjoy very much) are always hilarious, sometimes close-minded, sometimes telling, and often beautiful to watch - from their botched pronunciations of Bon Iver or the title of Joanna Newsom's album Ys, to their jaw-dropped-in-disgust facial expressions, to their audible groans: "This is why Pitchfork sucks."

Also: "I hope they have day jobs! (about The Decemberists)" ... "I can't imagine anybody wanting to record this and whom did they think they were going to sell it to? (about The Walkmen's 'The New Year')" ... "People could really get out and wiggle their tooshes to that one! (about Beck's 'Timebomb')" ... "I doubt that this group is gonna get far from Baltimore, Maryland. (about Animal Collective)" ... "It's not Rascal Flatts, but it's pretty good. (about Doves)" ... "That was cute! (about Eminem's "We Made You')" ...and my favorite, "That's not a prostitute song, I would know! (about Realpeople's 'My Night with a Prostitute in Marseille')"

Common & Bon Iver:


Will said...

The red shirt's coughing at the beginning of Blood Bank is the best.

lizkirk said...

hahaha ta ta for now

that was amazing