for emma, forever ago by bon iver

Bon Iver is the solo project of Justin Vernon, the once front man for Mount Vernon and DeYarmound Edison. His debut, For Emma, Forver Ago, created quite a buzz after its self-release, but will have an official release through Jagjaguwar on February 19, 2008.

This is one of the most beautiful winter records I've heard in a while. Pretty convenient, right? Especially with a name like Bon Iver ("good winter" in French - don't worry, it's misspelled on "purpose"). Personally, it couldn't be better timing to get an album like this - very whispery, seeping through cracks and gliding across the grain.

Justin Vernon lives in northwestern Wisconsin. For Emma was written and recorded in a snowy cabin on his father's property. He is now working on building his own studio space there, and he kills and butchers his own meat. Maybe that's the skinny love that needs to last the year? Yea, probably not.

--To hear a radio interview with Minnesota Public Radio and stunning performances of "Flume," "Lump Sum" and "For Emma" - click here.

--To hear the entire album - click here.

UPDATE: pre-order the album now off itunes and get the bonus track, "Wisconsin" with your order. OR pre-order from Jagjaguwar and get this poster for free with your order:

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