Do I care about the news?

As a journalism student, I do believe it is important to follow the news. But with today's fragmented media, it is much easier to only follow the news that you want to follow. I try to keep up with major headlines as much as I can, but I truly only pay close attention to those issues that I care about.

I wake up in the morning and open my laptop. That is where I get most of my news. I have my favorite web sites tabbed at the top of my browser to make things a little easier. After checking my email, I read up on the latest music news on various web sites. Then, I check the local weather. And sometimes, I see what the top headlines are at CNN.

The rest of my day is spent finding things out through word of mouth, reading the Daily Beacon and listening to NPR in my car. If I want to know more about something, I will read about it online when I get home (or during class).

One thing that has definitely changed recently is my interest in world news and politics. Too many important things are happening across the globe for me to ignore. With people dying in wars and from disease, I try to pay as much attention as I can to these problems and how the world's leaders are planning to change them.

But I do think there will always be a part of me that wishes I could get all my news by talking to the neighbors from my front porch rocking chair. I could spend my morning hiking in the mountains and my afternoons rocking away with a glass of tea. I guess that's what retirement is for - I can't wait.

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