roadtrip chronicles VI: birthday blues

cambria, california.
monday, 7/17/06.
10:17 pm.
some odd number of miles - who really cares at this point anyway?

Some things I've learned in the past two days:

- It is impossible to sleep in Vegas
- The Eraser is a good cd

- You can thoroughly clean your whole body at a rest area

- No one in L.A. knows what a trashcan is
- The Hollywood sign is not worth trying to get a picture of

- Niether are elephant seals

- L.A. has 547 Starbucks

- Something is wrong with my ankle
- Forrest Gump is a good movie
- Joon's airbags work

- Hostels are the way to go

- America is a sad and lonely place, until it pities you

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