roadtrip chronicles I: humble moon

pickwick lake, alabama.
saturday, july 8th.
9:50 pm.
220 miles.

I'm so glad there is no formula to life. I've always been pretty terrible at doing things the way they are supposed to be done anyway, so I like to think that there is no "best" way to live life. I try to think of it as an adventure. It is getting lost in a fusion of interstate exits, saying goodbye to loved ones, breaking your only pair of glasses, and fighting the wind with your lashes. Yet, so much of the time I look past all that. I long for something more - I long for heaven on earth. Maybe I should stop trying to pull the whole glorious place down here and just settle for splashing glimpses of it in people's faces.

Yesterday, my little brother, Will, and I set out on an adventure. We left Nashville, TN in a haze and drove to Pickwick Lake in northwestern Alabama to be with friends for a couple of days before we head west. I already feel like I've been away for a long time, but I'm sure this will all hit me a lot harder in a few days when Will and I are driving through the desert with nothing recognizable or familiar around us. And I can't wait.

This afternoon, we all went out on the lake. We stayed out long enough to see the sun sink into the horizon. Just after it set, I noticed the moon, on the other side of the lake, already high in the sky. Most of the time when I see the moon, it seems like it is right where it should be, above my head, desperately trying to shine and highlight its celebrity. But tonight, it seemed like it was next to me, tilting my head even higher, begging me to see beyond it - or through it. Through to the heaven that lies behind. And I didn't pull that thought down into my earthly reality - I was content with a glimpse. I hope America is as humble as the moon was tonight.

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