drifting toward maybe

could i be silent if the end were near?

when the sea bottom rumbles and the skies collide with treetops, would i care to speak? no, my heart could not search for the words to say, and i would reason myself into quiet mystery.

but my timing is off and my tongue is tied, and the truth brings with it more time. and to someone like me, time is only more bearable than life. i am just wind through a traffic jam - a fleeting breeze on which to catch a glimpse, and if you breathed me long it might start to make sense.

because i am on my way to the beautiful lie, more than white. hold on when you grab the anti-gravity - it feels like sleeping with nothing under you but the warm. i invited you, remember? remember how you felt? well, maybe it was fake. or maybe it was just a wish, but nothing beyond. traveling in a stream of disregard.

but i dont care really. if i can bear life, i can bear time. i know it will be worth it when a wish is replaced with eternity, when my breeze gives way to his, and when someone else catches that drift with me.

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