daydreams are real

tonight's air is thick with anticipation.
i cut it with my nerves
and the tectonic movements
of my chest's sweet pleasure new.
a shiver snakes and quivers up from tyne
into my bated breath
and sends my white teeth whispering
their chalky chattered cue.
as i arrive, i see you in the doorway,
a soft and skinless light
slowly coming towards me
in unseen heaven's hue.

i spend most of our time together melting
under blushing heat
lovely enough to last all night,
but i take you home instead.
thoughts, like bugs, are creeping on the dashboard,
moving in the wind.
though you are gone, i feel your love
graze beautifully in my head.
the light is streaming sunny through my window,
yellow dancing dust.
i never would have dreamt of you
without its sleepy singing bed.

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