reflections on the night

i dont want to go to bed while spiders webs are being wed. that seems clear enough.

o how seriously peaceful is the night. people sleeping, no one talking. almost painfully peaceful. terribly beautiful. beautifully terrible. cops are too busy with more important things to pull over ignorance. they go for indulgence. my parents never taught me that 4 a.m. is enchanting. they also never taught me that mouths are for kissing, hair is for growing, and stars are for searching. the moon is a lightsource, clouds are mood dimmers, wind is rhythm, trees are music, leaves are notes, grass is bed. i lie in my sprouting bed and hear the songs of the night. the air holds more than you think when it is heavy with darkness. it can speak. i think ive heard it, but no one else has. or at least, no one cares enough to tell me about it. or do i not care enough to tell anyone else? catharsis.

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