audrey and i spent part of our evening writing haikus. we would give each other a "topic" and spend the next couple of minutes composing a haiku. here were the results:

slippery water 
blue time freezer moves slowly 
glacial paced glaciers 

i plug in the light 
no electricity flows 
love despite the shame 

les mis
one life turned around 
does the same to all others 
a ripple effect 

all is lost, all found 
you forgot the candlesticks 
silver salvation 

scruffy ball of joy 
you bring more to the table 
than most humans do 

unopened flower
wake up little one 
your time, it has almost come 
reveal your beauty 

a lightbulb that just came on
edison forgot 
to tell us about the hum 
fresh new current's spark 

garbage floating in the river
i don't belong here 
used useless good-for-nothing 
yet have many friends 

st. croix
unturned dirt grows hard 
chickens look for worms within 
finally! tilled earth! 

roaring, splatter, mist 
steading dropping, constant reach 
powerfully graceful


way said...

Gah love this. I like the Edison one a lot. And the Dogs one.

Anonymous said...

I love this! What is a haikus? Never heard that term!