music videos in 2009

Like everything else, music videos have gone through very drastic changes over the past several years. As the internet has reigned supreme, and MTV and VH1 have become reality show networks, videos have had to try harder and harder to attain our attention. In 2009, that meant everyone got naked in their video. But only one of those videos was worth watching, if you ask me.

And with the distribution of video editing software to the masses, fans now have a very direct impact on the art: they direct their own videos. And then receive recognition from the band, the label, and other fans. And sometimes the band initiates a contest among its fans to see who can create the best music video. One of those videos is very worth watching.

My five favorite videos of 2009:

5. Dirty Projectors - "Stillness Is The Move" (directed by Matthew Lessner)

4. The Avett Brothers - "Slight Figure Of Speech"

3. Matt and Kim - "Lessons Learned" (directed by Taylor Cohen and Otto Arsenault)

2. The Dead Weather - "Treat Me Like Your Mother" (directed by Jonathan Glazer)

The Dead Weather - Treat Me Like Your Mother

Third Man Records | MySpace Music Videos

1. M83 - "We Own The Sky" (contest winner - directed by Young Replicant)


ck said...

no "boat behind"? loved that video. so peaceful and beautiful.

Anonymous said...

:) I loved the M83 video.

way said...
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way said...

No Grizzly Bear? I just posted my favorite music vid of '09.

way said...

....on my blog.

You should watch it when you have time....so incredible.

way said...

Oh..I meant to say...that Matt and Kim one....unbelievable....so amazing!

benjamin said...

yea, i'd seen all the gbear videos - its just that none struck me as much as these 5 did. "Ready, Able" did strike me more than the other gbear ones, though. super creepy video....

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