why does everyone drink it all up?

it seems
all of the time
we get the right all wrong.
yet we speak of the truth
in our no spin zones.

when will we understand-
a broken bowl
will never hold any holy water,
and a shattered mirror
will always distort a perfect image?

still we take these distortions and package them up in groups of eight or ten
and create memos, lists, and adorable acronyms.

and to everyone who doesn't swallow, we say oxymorons-
because all morons hate it when you call them a moron.
and everyone else
is just a moron.

and those that don't swallow wonder,
"why does everyone drink it all up?"

they breathlessly await
the day a mustached oil baron and a young evangelist can share a perfectly situated milkshake


Ethan said...

this is wonderful.
i'll have to read it again in a few hours after thinking about it for a while, but i love it.

spot on.

max. said...

seriously. i used the milkshake example when talking about something in the newsroom the other day. it worked perfectly, but no one got it.

oh and i like your words too.

jamesthesealion said...

i'm moderately lactose intolerant. this makes me wish i were more so... you know, in a metaphoric sense