photographs (that I didn't take)

Two weeks ago, we installed a photovoltaic system at Keith's yurt. We had to put the panel 12 feet up in the air to maximize his sun exposure.

Dez and I were working pretty hard.

That weekend was Mardi Croix. It is this island's (pretty lame) attempt to celebrate along with the city of New Orleans. It was fun, don't get me wrong, but the "parade" was basically a bunch of drunk people who felt like driving their cars really slow through a crowd of people. Here is Ryan, Mandy, me, Marshall, and Dez. I acquired many more beads after this photo was taken once I took my shirt off.

This is Cane Bay, which is on the north shore. This is where Mardi Croix was. It's a really great place to snorkel. There is about 300 yards of reef and then you come to "the wall" where the ocean floor drops very quickly off to 13,000 feet. It is the quickest elevation change from land to sea bottom in the world. No doubt.

Marshall, Meredith, and I at Mardi Croix:

We spent the night at Dez's sister Wendy's house. The next day, we helped her rejuvenate her back yard into a oasis of permaculture.

After a long day of digging trenches and building compost bins, I added a little art to the mix.

Then, we all met up with the rest of the farm crew for a long night of dancing and sweating at Norma's in the rainforest. Don dances like a panther.


Anonymous said...

:) awesome.

Will Rucker said...

haha, was the dance party there pretty similar to the ones we have? were people farting fog machines out their butts and dancing like they're having seizures. i'm curious. also, that pink adobe house apt thing looks really cool. seeing you doing that art piece in the sand reminds me of venice for some reason.