goodbye, late night with conan o'brien

My favorite television show host isn't exactly leaving television, but he is leaving the setting we all know and love, Late Night. So, to pay homage to Conan on the day of his last show, here are three of my favorite moments (there would be several more posted if NBC would wise up and make their footage more available...):


max. said...

i hope you got to watch some of that last night. it was hilarious. although i didn't hear a "be cool my babies!"

max. said...

so i woke up this morning to drink coffee and eat breakfast. my morning routine usually involves watching the news or sportscenter, but not today. today i watched walker texas ranger. and believe it or not, it was the "walker told me i have aids" episode. what a bizarre way to start your day.

benjamin said...

HAHA, incredible. you can't make that up.

what was the context? a little kid gets aids and walker has to break the news to him? how did he get aids? so many unanswered questions!