It's been real fun, harmon group

Today marks my last day spent in a cubicle here at the Harmon Group in downtown Nashville. It also means it is exactly one month until I fly to St. Thomas and boat over to St. Croix. I definitely won't miss sitting in front of a computer all day talking to jewelry retailers and manufacturers (although, some of them were very nice). But I will miss most of the people at the office (Ashley and Andrea, thank you for being so great to work with), and I will miss working downtown. My favorite part of each day was my walk around 4th Avenue, the Arcade, and Broadway after lunch. Nashville, I still hardly know you.

Also, I miss Knoxville. Sigh.

BUT, it's been a great four months. I definitely learned a lot. I learned how to be an account executive at a small marketing firm, I learned how to wake up early every morning (not really), and I learned that control, option, apple + 8 is a great way to disguise non-work related internetting.

So, as I head out of here for good, I leave everyone with a photo that we received from Sissy's Log Cabin, a jewelry retailer in Arkansas. This is Eric, one of the sales people at the store (cabin). This photo appeared in their catalog that was printed and mailed to thousands of people around Pine Bluff area. I feel ya Eric, I feel ya.

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max. said...

he looks ready to rule the world.

ApOgEE said...

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