the perks of being a wallflower 2.0

Much thanks to Scott for the title and content of this post.

The lost art of the mixtape may not be lost after all. It has just evolved to become almost unrecognizable from its original plastic cassette form. And while some may have nostalgic sentiment for the hard work that went into the creation of a great mixtape, the new site Muxtape is still worth a look. An embrace of Web 2.0 technology, albeit a hesitant one, lends itself to an embrace of this kind of evolution.

The idea is fantastic - my initial response being, "Why didn't I think of that?!" It's a site that allows its users to create a cyber-mixtape. Create an account, upload songs, put them in order, and send out the URL. Mixes for everyone!

Now, the idea may be fantastic, but the site still has several issues. First of all, you can only make one mix per account, and each mix can only have 12 songs. Also, there is no way to search for a particular mix, or a mix with a particular band or song on it. All you get is a homepage with 100 random user names that change with each refresh. I would have to know your exact URL to view your mix.

Despite these issues, Muxtape is exciting for me - exciting enough that I made my own. I call it Getting Through to the Man.

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