The Stockholm Sessions by Ryan Adams

Much has been said about Ryan Adams' musical output. I don't really need to say a whole lot more, but I will. To start, his recorded songs from the past eight years would more than fill your sister's iPod shuffle. And he can write and record a song in the same time it takes me to shave. This is the same talent that has gained him so much of both criticism and praise.

Since 2000, Adams has released a record (or three) every year except 2006. But his body of unreleased work is even more staggering. Some criticize him of not being able to tell the difference between a forgettable track and a timeless track - and thus, his work becomes nothing more than a mixed bag. Others love the idea of unbridled art, and want Adams to be free to create what he wants.

Sure, the back story of his legendary output and his rocky relationship with Lost Highway Records and his insane struggle and subsequent defeat of drug addiction and depression all make his story much more compelling, but the music speaks for itself. It's just so good.

Most notable of his unreleased work are the sessions surrounding the release of Gold, his flirtation with popular success in 2001. These sessions, which, in essence, are full albums, make up the work that contributed hand-picked tracks to 2002's Demolition, instead of being released as a rumored 4-disc set that was ultimately shelved by Lost Highway.

--The Suicide Handbook was recorded in early 2001
--The Pinkheart Sessions (which are actually two different sessions) were recorded in December 2000 and July 2001, respectively
--48 Hours was recorded immediately following the final mixing of Gold in September 2001
--The Stockholm Sessions were recorded (at Nord Studio AB in Stockholm, Sweden) in October 2001.

I can't say enough about the talent Ryan Adams has, but I just hope these gems aren't doomed to collect dust everywhere except P2P file-sharing networks.

the first track from The Stockholm Sessions - "You Will Always Be The Same" (sorry about the WORST video still EVER)

great b-side from Jacksonville City Nights - "What Sin Replaces Love"

Also, this is pretty funny, and oddly inspiring.

Tracklist for The Stockholm Sessions:
1. You Will Always Be The Same
2. For Beth (Friends)
3. Dear Anne
4. Poor Jimmy
5. Madeline I
6. Madeline II
7. Oh, Charles (Prison Letter)
8. Come Monday
9. Not In Love
10. Friendly Fire
11. Baby, I'm A Fool For You

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