nyc garbage

Have you ever thought to yourself, "Boy, I sure wish I could purchase someone's litter"? Yeah, me too. Well, wish no longer - our dreams have finally come true.

Seriously, though, Justin Gignac is a smart guy. He sells small, clear plastic cubes filled with hand selected garbage from the streets of New York City. He started out selling them on the sidewalk for $10 and now sells them online for $50 to $100. Now there are spendthrifts all over the world with cubes of smelly garbage on their coffee tables.

I can imagine some posh magazine executive buying back their own Starbucks litter. That's almost as campy as Brad Pitt selling women their fat asses back to them. Mad props, Justin Gignac.

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Audrey said...

wow, that's crazy...crazy smart that is...i guess people here would probably pay big bucks for Paris trash...whatduya think? nice newly-vamped blog! professional!