John Lennon is dead

Co-founder of The Beatles and peace activist, John Lennon, was shot outside his Manhattan home Monday night. His killer, Mark David Chapman, waited outside Lennon's 72nd Street residence and shot him five times as he entered the building at 10:50 p.m. Lennon was pronounced dead on arrival in the emergency room of Roosevelt Hospital at 11:15 p.m.

The multimedia I would use:
- Photos of the crime scene with descriptions of the homicide
- Video of interview with Yoko Ono
- Video of Mark David Chapman, either his response or just him being taken away
- Video of fan reactions
(I would probably lump all videos into one)
- Photo slideshow of Lennon during his life and career with cut lines that describe his social and political impact on the world
- This might not have been possible, but a slideshow of Chapman as well, outlining his depression and obsession with The Bealtes and Salinger's Catcher in the Rye
- Area where readers can submit stories of favorite Lennon moments or just simple reactions to the news of his death
- And finally, a media player where readers can select one of Lennon's songs to listen to while reading about the shooting

People to contact for information:
- Eyewitnesses as well as fans that gathered on the scene afterward
- Yoko Ono
- New York Police Department
- Mark David Chapman
- Dana Reeves
- Anne Leibovitz
- Paul, George and Ringo
- Fans from around the world
- David Geffen

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