hello there, i am your future self

hello there,
i am your future self
spinning purple suns backwards
for a rhapsody retold
i will not simply warn you, but
show you a patch
of grass where the blades bend
sideways toward the dawn
you may remember a night when
a button first slid
through holes in appropriate
places withdrew
and now you are raking
to veneer solids old
and glisten the image
of love's buried cheer

alaska shovels its heaviness
soon in your mind
with clouds tipping scales
so densly refined
a decade will split you
from bottom to top
a swinger won't mend
a trigger won't stop
or train the innocuous
to excite someone's sound
and thump to be traced
between eyes above frown
once pallid and malevolent
raindrops muster out
in prozacian oceans
tides don't amount
when the love of another
ignites starry air
through electrocution
i'll meet myself there

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