wrinkled skin of the second world war

sitting on a couch in the 1940's with a newspaper haircut, liquid dripping
you would have never thought that this is where you'd end up
when you built it
to travel
you went so far forward that you came back around
to the twentieth century with its cars and wars and microwave ovens
where they cook their television dinners and convenient meals to settle
all kinds of conflict
be it domestic
or international
they just cook, and press buttons that change the world, red buttons i would presume
with your new larger forehead you can wrinkle the skin to show an emotion almost lost
just a memory for today's adults
but it was near to the heart's of a generation before and their children traveling back to see them
this wrinkle of skin on the outside of your skull provides insight behind
showing a renewal of innocence, a shock, a pull
while the twenty-first century shrugs, the twentieth raises a brow
and you just sit on a couch in the 1940's trying to wrinkle coca-cola skin as you
wait for hair to grow so you can go back home and play life with a thumb or two

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